We Have A Markdown!

Sunday, November 10, 2019 00:00

Okay, worst headline ever. Sorry, it's late.

I've now set up a new publishing workflow based on Markdown, Sublime Text and pandoc. Granted, it's all a bit technical and took much longer to get right than I was hoping for, but now I can write in super lightweight Markdown in my favorite (also super lightweight) code editor and with a single push of a button export a whole novel as a print-ready PDF or EPUB. There's probably still some fine-tuning to do to get the styling right, but I've already converted It's The Great Pump Gun, Juno Price as a test. I'm pretty happy with the results! Especially considering what a pain in the butt it was to get the PDF and EPUB for BLACK KNIGHT right. That's definitely going to be much easier in the future. I will convert the EPUB of BLACK KNIGHT in the coming days as well and upload it on here. That, too, is now much easier than before, when I had to build the EPUB and then make several manual corrections to get it working with the online EPUB viewer. Now it's just a matter of hitting CTRL+B and uploading the file to my web server. Changing fonts and font sizes stopped working for BLACK KNIGHT in the online EPUB viewer a while ago because of those manual tweaks. These things are working fine again now with my new workflow.

Yeah, setting this thing up kept me from working on WHITE SANDS, but I firmly believe it's always worth spending a little more time up front when it's going to save you time later. And this new workflow is going to save me a lot of time from now on out. Interested in the details? Feel free to hit me up, I'll gladly share my configuration!

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