It's The Great Pump Gun, Juno Price

Thursday, October 31, 2019 12:00

Happy Halloween!

Every series needs a Halloween special, so here's a Blues Skies Chronicles Short Story for you to enjoy for free:

It's The Great Pump Gun, Juno Price

Life in Hobbs End had finally calmed down for a moment, just in time for Halloween. More than happy to catch a breath after their adventures of the last couple of months, Juno and her friends join the Halloween party at Mary's diner, unaware that out in the desert, something dark is stirring ...

Read It's The Great Pump Gun, Juno Price online here or download a free PDF.

A ... erm ... little disclaimer and apology

"Now wait a minute, does this take place after WHITE SANDS?" I hear you ask.

Um. Yes.

I kinda screwed up my timeline. WHITE SANDS should have been finished by now, but there's still some little work to do But I also really wanted to put out this short story for Halloween. So ... yikes! ... my bad, sorry! But the thing about It's The Great Pump Gun, Juno Price is that you can safely read it without having read WHITE SANDS before. Yes, seeing the current status quo of the town of Hobbs End and its residents is technically a spoiler, but the BLUE SKIES CHRONICLES are structured more like an old-school procedural television show. There is an overarching mythology and of course there's character development. But after the "pilot episodes" of BLACK KNIGHT and WHITE SANDS, the basic status quo of the world is set. So even if you haven't read BLACK KNIGHT yet (why haven't you? You can read it for free right here), you could see It's The Great Pump Gun, Juno Price as something of an appetizer of what to expect from the series as it goes on.

Anyway. Back to finishing WHITE SANDS.

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