Intermission: Terminator: Dark Fate

Friday, October 25, 2019 23:16

I watched Terminator: Dark Fate. I enjoyed it. Now I know my standards are obviously massively lower than those of all the professional and hobbyist critics out there on the internet, but ... I thought it was good. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the weakest part in my opinion, not just because of his famously limited acting abilities, but mostly because the movie would have worked just as well without him. And the explanation for him being there in the first place ... eeeeh. Not amazing. They could have done better. A lot. The rest though, pretty good entertaintment. Some impressive action sequences, some very welcome sociopolitical messages. All in all, solid at least. But I'd even go so far to say "good". A good movie. If nothing else, the movie deserves props (like last year's Halloween) by giving a meaty role to an older woman. More, more more of that, please! Life doesn't end at age 30, you know?

Halt and Catch Fire is one of my favorite TV shows ever, so I've already been a massive fan of Mackenzie Davis. And I like her a lot in this. Natalia Reyes unfortunately doesn't get too much to work with after the first 30 minutes, but she's a more than welcome presence. There's a lot of Spanish being spoken in the movie, and that is just fantastic. Big thumbs up for that!

So, again, solid entertaintment with hints of greatness sprinkled in.

There's my thoughts. I don't really do reviews, so that's it.

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