I'm Matt and I type for a living.


My name is Matt Grandis and I've been typing things into computers for as long as I can remember, going back all the way to a Commodore VIC-20 around the year 1983. Between writing short stories and drawing crude -- technically as well as contentwise -- comics, I taught myself BASIC and later, on the legendary Commodore 64, 6502 assembly. I've been a professional software developer for almost 20 years now.

And this is my debut novel.

"I know you've always felt like you were alone in the universe. You're not. You never were. It's just that the answer was never in the stars."

After the sudden death of her father, Juno Price has to return to the one place she swore never to set foot in again, her old childhood home of Hobbs End, New Mexico. Here, Juno has to face the dark secret that tore her family apart when she was a child.

Rekindling old friendships, confronting old enemies and struggling with her relationship with her estranged stepmother, Juno comes to the realization that everyone was wrong about the truth behind the Roswell incident and the mysterious Black Knight satellite. And that her imaginary childhood friend wasn't as imaginary as she thought.

Clever, fast-paced, gripping and chock-full of heart and humor, Black Knight puts a new spin on the Roswell conspiracy theories and coming-of-age stories about growing up feeling like an alien..

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